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Dr. Pratik: A Remarkable Journey of Excellence and Recognition

Welcome to the Honorary Doctorate Column, a testament to the exceptional achievements and groundbreaking contributions of Dr. Pratik in the realms of research and education. Dr. Pratik's journey is not only one of academic brilliance but also an inspiration for countless individuals aspiring to make a mark in their respective fields.

A Global Trailblazer

With immense pride and honor, we share that Dr. Pratik has achieved an unprecedented feat – he has been conferred with more than 300+ honorary doctorates from prestigious institutions worldwide. This remarkable achievement not only showcases his exceptional dedication but also solidifies his position as a global trailblazer in the realms of academia and research.

Fellowship of Royal University FRU at Dubai 2023.jpeg

A Record-Breaking Achievement

Dr. Pratik's accomplishments are all the more remarkable due to the unique distinction he holds. He is the youngest individual and the first Indian to be awarded such a staggering number of honorary doctorates across the globe. From esteemed institutions in the USA and Canada to the Gulf region and Asia, his contributions have been recognized and celebrated by some of the most respected names in the academic world.

A Catalyst for Change

The recognition bestowed upon Dr. Pratik is a testament to his unparalleled commitment to pushing the boundaries of knowledge and innovation. Through his dedicated research efforts and impactful educational initiatives, he has not only contributed significantly to his respective field but has also inspired countless individuals to strive for excellence and positive change.

A Vision for the Future

Dr. Pratik's journey is a beacon of hope for those who dare to dream and work tirelessly to turn those dreams into reality. His achievements remind us that age is not a barrier when it comes to making a difference – determination, passion, and a commitment to excellence are the true driving forces.

Join Us in Celebrating Excellence

In this column, we invite you to explore the extraordinary milestones of Dr. Pratik's journey. From the moment he embarked on his academic pursuits to the accumulation of over 300+ honorary doctorates, each step has been marked by unwavering dedication, relentless curiosity, and a fervent desire to contribute meaningfully to the world.

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to Dr. Pratik for this monumental achievement, and we invite you to join us in celebrating his remarkable journey, his unyielding spirit, and his profound impact on the world of research and education.

Within the context of Dr. Pratik's exceptional journey in the fields of research and education, we take immense pride in highlighting a selection of the numerous honorary doctorates that have been conferred upon him. These prestigious accolades stand as a testament to his unwavering commitment and groundbreaking contributions to these domains.

Dr. Pratik's remarkable achievements have garnered him an extraordinary count of more than 300+ honorary doctorates from renowned institutions across the globe. This phenomenal feat is not only indicative of his scholarly brilliance but also underlines his status as a true global influencer in the realms of academia and research.

In a display of unmatched distinction, Dr. Pratik has achieved this remarkable feat as the youngest recipient and the first Indian to be awarded such a substantial number of honorary doctorates internationally. His accomplishments transcend geographical boundaries, with recognition coming from distinguished institutions spanning the United States, Canada, the Gulf region, and various Asian countries. Each honorary doctorate received stands as a testament to his outstanding dedication and contributions, resonating with academic luminaries around the world.

These honorary doctorates encapsulate not just a personal achievement but a collective recognition of the transformative impact Dr. Pratik has had on the landscape of research and education. They highlight his ability to channel his passion and knowledge into meaningful change, sparking innovation, and inspiring a new generation of scholars and researchers.

By showcasing a glimpse of the numerous esteemed institutions that have honored Dr. Pratik with these distinctions, we celebrate his extraordinary journey from his early academic endeavors to his current status as a recipient of over 300+ honorary doctorates. Each accolade is a testament to his relentless pursuit of excellence, his dedication to pushing boundaries, and his unswerving commitment to advancing knowledge and education on a global scale.



World Human Rights Protection Commission (WHRPC)


Commonwealth Vocational University, Kingdom of Tonga Nr Australia.


Brampton International University Canada.


Crown University International Chartered Inc., USA.


All India Institute of Public & Physical Health Sciences (ALLPPHS) Delhi University, Govt of India.


YesBud University Zambia, South Africa.


Abide University, USA.


Royal University of Human Nutition Sciences & Food Safety, Tunisia


Prixton Church from Prixton Church & University, USA.


All India Institute of Public & Physical Health Sciences (ALLPPHS) Delhi University, Govt of India.




Institute For the European Roma Studies and Research in Crimes Against Humanity and International Law-Belgrade, Serbia (Europe).


University of the Arabian Peninsula 
Instituto Teologico De Missao A Ultima Trombeta -ITMUT, Brazil.


Casa Poetica Magia y Plumus Institucion Cultural Colombiana, South America.


Kutai Mulawarman Kingdom.
Atlantic Coast Theological Seminary


American University of Iraq.


Astrid Academy of Education & Human Services Sweden


Theophany International University Haiti 


Leaders Autonomy International Philippines 


Wisdom University Gombe Nigeria (6th Virtual Convocation)


Lectern Peace and Human Rights Academy Nigeria 


World Wide Human Rights Ministry USA


Royal Theological Institute, Nigeria.


The University of Kingdom of Atlantis, Singapore


Unified Theological Seminary USA


United College of Brazil


Good Samaritan Theological Seminary Benue State Nigeria


Lighthouse Leadership University Kogi State Nigeria


Smart Intel University


Global Ministry & Discipleship Institute.


Triune Biblical University Global Extension USA


Institute of the European Roma studies and research into crimesagainst and international Law Belgrade (The Republic of Serbia) 


Asian University International, Indonesia 


Ybarra Scholars and Fellows Society, Inc, Philippines

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